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DOB Alerts

Violation Alerts System

DOB Alerts Violation Alerts System

The violation alert system alerts contractors within the hour if a violation or complaint is posted on the DOB website.


Scrapes DOB website every hour to pick up new alerts

Sends emails and texts to all contacts

Multiple levels of usage - sign up 1, 5, 20 or 100 addresses

Automatically charges all active users on the 2nd of each month

Client center allows client to manage buildings, contacts and account settings, as well as upgrade his account

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What DOB Alerts says about us

"Our experience with BWC is special! A very devoted team, devoted to our needs and to the customization of our very unique program. We came to BWC with a “fantasy” and BWC turned it into a reality. They did some research (which wasn’t easy) and stood by us all along the customizing of the program AND the graphics-credit cards system. Something very special about the BWC team, being our program was a first timer, they stood by our side even after the program was complete just to make sure we are 101% accurate and PERFECT! (Yes, even on weekends and after hours)."

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