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DOB Alerts Violation Alert System

"Our experience with BWC is special! A very devoted team, devoted to our needs and to the customization of our very unique program. We came to BWC with a "fantasy" and BWC turned it into a reality. They did some research (which wasn't easy) and stood by us all along the customizing of the program AND the graphics-credit cards system.

Something very special about the BWC team, being our program was a first timer, they stood by our side even after the program was complete just to make sure we are 101% accurate and PERFECT! (Yes, even on weekends and after hours)."

Case Act Tenant Eviction Management

"We developed our software as a service to our clients, so they could communicate with us more easily, but it turned out so well that our staff has been using it internally, too! It's user-friendly, it keeps the workflow moving, it generates all our complex documents and legal forms automatically, and it even integrates with our in-house system. It's a great product!"

Private Client Classified Data Management

"We are not at liberty to share the details of our project, but this we can say: it saves us countless hours of work every single day! The automated documents alone make the whole project worthwhile. The fact that clients can log on to view their account info has taken a tremendous load off our customer service staff. It's also great to have searches and reports that sort and filter according to our specifications. On top of all that, it's also accurate! Our accountant was amazed when he compared the numbers and everything matched to the last penny."

(Customer details on file, available to serious inquirers)

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